A Family with History

History of the Lanitis Group

The founder of the Group was Panagis Sykas from Lania, who settled in Limassol at the end of the ottoman occupation of the Island, his main business being the trading of foodstuffs. In 1896 his two sons, Nicolas P. Lanitis and Costas P. Lanitis established a business partnership, namely N.P. Lanitis Co. Ltd., which eventually became the back bone of the Lanitis Group.

In 1901 together with other Limassolians they set up the Popular Savings Bank of Limassol, which is today the Cyprus Popular Bank, with our Group being the biggest Cypriot shareholder. In 1927 they establish, together with others, the KEO Winery but their 45% stake was sold in 1950.

In 1933 Costas P. Lanitis buys agricultural land at the Villages of Alectora and Kouklia, part of which is today the Aphrodite Hills. In 1936 Nicolas P. Lanitis creates what it is today Lanitis Farm, consisting of 980 acres, part of which is today Heaven’s Garden Waterpark. In 1944 Amathus Navigation Ltd is established followed by Cybarco Ltd in 1945. In 1952 Lanitis N. & E. Estates Ltd was registered, to be renamed later to Lanitis E.C. Holdings Ltd, which is the holding company of the Group and owners of rural and urban property. In 1990 Lanitis Development Ltd was established followed in 1998 by Heaven’s Garden Waterpark Ltd and in 2002 by Lanitis Entertainment Ltd.

The Lanitis Group became stronger over the years under the dynamic leadership of the late Evagoras Lanitis, also known for his humanitarian and social contributions, especially in the areas of education, archaeology, health and sports. After his death in 1992, his sons Platon, Costas and Marios took over the management of the group, with Mr. Platon Lanitis becoming its Chairman, contributing at the same time the Group’s social role.

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