The Evagoras Lanitis Center

The Evagoras Lanitis Centre comprises one third of the Carob Mill, which is one of the largest, if not the largest, listed industrial building in Cyprus. This area of the building was originally used for the storage of Carob products that used to be processed through the carob crushers. The milling equipment is situated in the central bay of the building and has been restored as a carob museum. This large expanse of over 1400 sqm unobstructed space was ideal for housing this multi-functional centre. The centre consists of a main entrance hall West of the Medieval Castle, a second entrance from the parking area, storage space and washroom facilities.





The renovation works aim at retaining the original form of the building with it’s stone walls, pitched roofs and skylights, while at the same time integrating the new elements of lightweight construction in such a way that they can be removed without affecting the original building fabric. The only major modification to the space was the removal of a central row of concrete columns, which were constructed to support the weakening trusses. The existing corrugated steel and asbestos roof sheeting was removed, and new, imported, laminated timber trusses were installed to take the weight of the new roof covering, which is designed to offer a high standard of thermal and acoustic insulation. All areas are equipped with environmental control systems.


The aesthetic conceptand the re-utilization of the various areas was developed with the invaluable cooperation of our associated colleague from Greece, Antonis Stylianides, Architect. It is our aspiration to present the cultural and historical heritage of our town in relation to the professional occupations of Limassolians from the beginning of the century, through a harmonic integration of both old and new cultural and social events, which have been integrated into the building. The project was made possible with the involvement of many other associated consultant professionals, but chiefly by the brave decisions and generous contributions of N.P. Lanitis.


Kristian Christou


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