The island of good Wine

June 10th, 2011  |  Published in Historical heritage



A contemporary archaeological exhibition – from prehistory (4,500 BC) up to the pre-industrial age (1930) – through multimedia and projections alongside precious archaeological discoveries, from the Republic of Cyprus’ Department of Antiquities, which for the first time will travel outside of Cyprus.

This specific exhibition presents prehistoric wine vessels which, according to recent archaeological reports, are the first vessels ever to be discovered in Europe, dating back to 4.500 BC. Presented together with these vessels are other important discoveries from Cypriot antiquity as well as ecclesiastical utensils of the Byzantine era and precious religious icons referencing Cyprus’ vine and cultivation.

The exhibition focuses particularly on Medieval Cyprus and its production of «Commandaria», passing through the pre-industrial period with the presentation of impressive vessels and tools from a private collection. All this encircled by eight simultaneous historical projections and accompanied by special music, aimed at demonstrating the enormous cultural and creative tradition of our island.

”Πάτρα – Λεμεσός. Το ταξίδι συνεχίζεται ” will also include educational programmes and other related activities as well as lectures. The exhibition is on at the Lanitis Foundation in Lemesos, from 1st – 26th November and is open to the public daily (Except Monday), between 9-1 and 3-9pm.


Evagoras Lanitis Center / 1-26 November

The Island of Sweet Wine. “Evoinos Nisos”

The long wine traditional of Limassol.

A modern archaeological exhibition – from the prehistoric times (4.500B.C.) until the pre-industrial era (1930) – based on the multimedia and the projections as well as the valuable archaeological findings from the Archaeological Department of the Republic of Cyprus.


Evagoras Lanitis Center / 1-26 November

Screens: Telling Stories

Contemporary Cypriot film and video art

It includes creations of cinema and video art both in the form of short film as well as animation works. The conceptual thematic focuses on narration of story-making, not in a conventional, linear story – telling mode but rather through experimentations both In the “depiction” of time and space as well as in the unfolding of “meaning”.


Evagoras Lanitis Center / 1-26 November

Lemesos, the place, the time, the people

A black and white photo exhibition by Antigony Solomonidou-Drousioti

Discovering through the camera lenses the town, its history, its map and its people.


Evagoras Lanitis Center / 1-26 November


A Visual Poetry exhibition. Curated by Stathis Chrysikopoulos.


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